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Reduce Corporate manslaughter risk

More than 20 people are killed in the UK every week while driving on company business.

And now the Corporate Manslaughter Act came into force in April 2008 it has become easier to bring cases against companies that cause death through negligence.

Because a death is regarded as being caused by the conduct of the company if it is caused by "management failure" in the way which its activities are controlled.

This may ultimately open the personal liability of directors or managers within a company for individual offences of reckless killing or killing by gross carelessness.

For example, where company pressure, reckless driving or a poorly maintained vehicle are regarded as significant contributing factors to an accident, the company concerned may be at least as liable, if not more so than the driver.

The police will prosecute employers who fail to ensure their employees drive safely. - Following a collision for example, the police will check whether the employer had ensured the vehicle has an MOT and valid insurance, and whether managers made excessive demands on the driver and required him/her to drive whilst tired.

It has never been more important therefore to ensure that your company policies and procedures in this area are exemplary.

All drivers should already be properly covered within risk assessments (and employers' liability insurance). But this has now gone way further, because actions need to be taken to demonstrate that personnel who are ‘out of site’ are not being ignored and records are maintained for at least 2 years.

Directors must be confident that working procedures are in place, which show that all people who drive in any connection with their business are properly trained (and monitored) that their vehicles are adequately maintained, and that their workload is scheduled to ensure that employees are not being placed at risk.

So if you want to have all driving records automatically recorded for each of your vehicles for less than the cost of a litre of fuel per day, we should talk.

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