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Measure service time per customer automatically...

If you've ever wondered how much time is being spent on key customers or at certain locations by particular people or drivers, take a look at the customer site report facility in our vehicle tracking application and see how quickly and simply you could gather this information.

Simply select the vehicle(s) which represent the personnel for which you wish to generate the report, then activate the report builder by right mouse clicking on the selection or choosing from the 'Reports' menu from the main menu bar.

From the 'Customer List' select the customer sites you wish to report on using the 'Ctrl' or 'Shift' keys to select individual or a range of customers’ sites respectively.

At the same time, simply select the date and time range for the report (data is instantly available for up to 18 months – archived data is readily accessible back to your commencement of service.

All customers can be selected by pressing the 'All' button (only those customers visited during the date - time selection period will be shown). Then press 'OK' to build the report. And a summary, similar to that below will be generated.

Customer time report

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