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How can customer service be improved?

Just think how often your customers telephone your office, wanting to know where an engineer, service or delivery is.

Often the average is at least twice per day per mobile worker. The mobile worker is then telephoned on their mobile, and the customer needs to be called back.

Just having all your vehicles displayed on screen will enable your company to cut the time and cost of handling these calls by 75%. And the customer service improvement and positive impressions you'll achieve will be astounding.

Because accurate ETAs can be given to these customers, while they are on the ’phone - just by looking at a screen – no need to telephone the driver or call the customer back.

vehicle tracking lets you view all vehicles on a map

Each vehicle is listed by group (eg sales, engineers etc) in the top left of the screen and the day's activity report for each vehicle is in the bottom left of the screen, showing everything each vehicle has done that day from the moment the ignition was switched on to the present moment.
The map can show all vehicles in your fleet or 'zoom in' on an individual vehicle to street level. And activity reports are instantly produced enabling you to measure your customer service accurately and objectively.

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