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Protect your staff with GPS Vehicle Tacking from just £4.90 per vehicle per week...

...Health and safety legislation is now so onerous for employers, that company directors are almost as responsible for their employees' driving styles and driving behavior as the employees themselves.

The employers' 'duty of care' obligations require mileage record keeping, working hours management and accident reports to be 'spot-on' in their accuracy, bringing Fleet Management to the top of the corporate agenda and presenting increasingly difficult and expensive challenges for businesses to satisfy.

For example, safe operation of fleets through ensuring that only well-maintained vehicles are provided, is now the responsibility of employers to demonstrate, rather than the responsibility of employees driving the vehicles.

So systems and processes which ensure that vehicle servicing schedules are being followed in line with the vehicle odometer readings are now an essential element of the corporate risk management programme.

And employers need to show that in addition to having methods in place to monitor their vehicle maintenance obligations,their employees' driving styles are identified in risk assessments, with action being taken whenever non compliance or unacceptable driver behaviour is evident.

Just like the smoking ban now covers every UK workplace, it is only a matter of time before every company vehicle is expected to be fitted with a tracking device which ensures that the company's obligations are being satisfied and the driver is behaving responsibly behind the wheel.

And, just like the smoking ban, the initial 'driver for change' is already beginning to come from insurance companies insisting that employers prove they behave with due regard to their responsibilities. Because, increasingly they are finding that those companies with effective processes and procedures have a better insurance claim record than those without them.

Because when drivers are aware that their exact route and speed can be monitored, it has an impressive impact on their driving style, their speed and their route planning. And consequently, they are less likely to be involved in an accident, and the costs of keeping them mobile fall significantly.

Thankfully technology is now up to the job of providing real solutions to these problems with detailed reports being produced a 'the touch of a button'.

Internet activity reports from our solutions include accurate journey start and stop times, time spent on sites, customer visits, the route taken, distance travelled, speeds, time spent travelling, and much more ...

So the benefits don't end with simply satisfying the directors' health and safety obligations. Because when the vehicle is being monitored - so is the driver, which provides valuable information for cutting through to the very heart of a company's operational efficiency.

We know when office-based personnel are working - because we can see them.

But now employers can identify precisely when mobile staff leave home, arrive and leave from customer premises, how many customer visits they make etc, etc.

And this protects both honest employees as well as honest employers.

The only people with something to fear from the technology, are those with something to gain from hiding their activity.

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