sensors as level transmitters...

sosecurity logoHow to reduce costs of monitoring levels of liquid, gas, grain levels, flow, stock... at a distance...

Now you can collect 'dash-board' information and receive warnings from a wide range of sensors, alarms and flow-meters for liquids, gas, grain, electricity - in fact anything that can be measured, regardless of whether the sensor is analogue or digital. (So you may not need new sensors to make them transmit).

Our low cost battery powered, ‘weatherproof’ solutions simply convert the data from the sensors and use the GSM/GPRS mobile phone network to transmit it from the remote location, to the warmth of your office.

Data can be presented in just about any way you want, from web based reports on our internet gateway with configurable email alerts, to ‘data feeds into your existing systems, to simple text messaging (SMS) on your mobile phone.

You can be provided with as much or as little data as you require – either receive regular status reports each day, or only an alert when something requires your attention.

And, because they are designed with simplicity of installation and maintenance in mind, no special skills are required to commission the units. So drivers or other local personnel can be quickly trained to install the units, which offer an active battery life of up to 5 years.

Both basic and intrinsically safe units are available, so everything from water levels to stand alone fuel/gas tanks can be monitored to ensure that those providing contracted services are kept fully up to date and wasted delivery or service journeys are kept to a minimum.

Ideal for remote meter reading, our units count pulses from flow meters and can send the readings in to your mobile phone every day and each unit can collect and send information from several sensors at the same location.

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