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Mileage report:

This easy to use function on our software creates a 'Mileage Report' on a specific vehicle, number of vehicles or all vehicles over a specified date and time range.

From the 'Vehicle Detail' list just select vehicle(s) by clicking or using the Ctrl or Shift keys to select individual, several or a range of vehicles respectively.

Select the 'Mileage' report by right clicking on the vehicle selection or the 'Reports' menu from the main menu bar.

Enter the date and time range and click 'OK' to build your report.

Mileage report

Managers wanting to evaluate a day/week etc in more detail should then look at the trip report.

This report provides a time of day record of each time the vehicle’s ignition is switched on, switched off and the distance travelled between each action as below:

vehicle tracking trip report

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