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...Recession fuels travel expense 'fiddling'

Research among company car and van drivers across the country by S.O.Security Ltd, reveals that the rising costs of credit cards and other bills are often being passed on to employers, as staff round up their business mileage and round down their private mileage on their weekly expense claims.

41.7% of respondents admitted to being more likely to 'adjust' their business and private mileage figures since the recent drop in property prices.

And 74.2% of those who answered the question admitted to having 'ever knowingly under-declared their private mileage'.

Plus 6.8% even admitted to 'occasionally' carrying an extra fuel can in the boot or van to top up their own car at the boss' cost.

Not surprisingly S.O.Security Ltd has seen a massive increase in demand for our low cost vehicle tracking solutions.

The Energy Saving Trust recommends companies use appropriate vehicle tracking technology and, while the right solution can quickly stop any abuse, its main benefits come from helping businesses work smarter in the way they plan and reduce the total miles they travel.

Plus, company directors who were previously frightened they would lose their staff if they tightened up control of company supplied fuel, are finding in these uncertain times, that their employees increasingly value working for a well managed business which is being kept in good enough shape to ride out whatever storms lie ahead.

vehicle tracking shows full detail of all vehicles' mileages

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