Vehicle tracking products

sosecurity logoChoose from a range of vehicle tracking solutions from £10/m...

Vehicle tracking costs range from just £10 per month per vehicle, and because S.O.Security is 'platform independent' we'll help you choose the system that's right for you...

vehicle tracking software

vehicle tracking software

Controlled in your office...
At the heart of all our systems is an easy to use, secure, password protected online application that lets you manage your assets via the Internet.

Contact us for a no obligation discussion: tel: 01291 635 030 or download an online demonstration here...

Online downloads so you can 'get a feel' for what's available...

Navman online AVL PowerPoint

Spoton £10/month solution PowerPoint

Spoton £10/month solution Flash demo

TomTom Go9000

Simple in your vehicles...  - just push to accept each job and TomTom or Navman satnav will take you to the location entered by your office!

m-navYou can track, send & receive messages and monitor your fleet from almost any PC, in any location - and slash your company mobile 'phone, fuel and staff costs  while delivering stunning customer service!

Mobile Data Terminal

Dispatch complete job details, directions
or messages to your field staff with a Mobile Data Terminal.

vehicle tracking boxThe Wireless Qube is the 'black box' unit that captures and transmits information about vehicle location and activity.

In addition to being used to manage transport, sales and service fleets, it is also used to monitor trailer units, plant and a whole range of other mobile and static assets that need to be closely monitored - but at a distance.


ConEX boosts the capabilities of wireless tracking by collecting even more information about vehicle activity. Examples of devices that can be monitored and even controlled by the ConEX include:
Panic Button - PTO (Power Take Off) - Door open or closed - Door Locking Systems -Trailer separation – Tail Lift Up / Down – Pump Start / Stop – Etc - Plus a whole host of other on-board data collection.

M track anti-theft

  m track anti theft device

Small, hidden, battery powered and doesn't need a GPS antenna to 'know' where it is. (So secret, we're not even allowed to publish a 'proper' picture, but you can have one for £245+VAT).

Ideal protection for valuable tools and plant which don't have their own power supply.

Trailer Tracking

As you would expect, our wireless trailer tracking unit is a stand alone product operating with its own power supply. (Image awaited)

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